What is “reverse racism”?

So I keep hearing this weird term in US media, being thrown around especially on conservative channels. Considering how sensitive Americans can be when it comes to political correctness, I wonder why there hasn’t been much of an outcry about this yet. Or at least I haven’t noticed it.

Apparently it is used when some racial minority is accused of being racist towards white people (at least from what I’ve seen and heard). But I don’t get it – the term racism does not mean Caucasians discriminating against another race. It means that somebody who thinks a particular race is inherently superior to another race is a racist. The way it is used however, Caucasians seem to be the “default race” that is the only one which can be racist towards others and when those display similar (just as stupid) behavior then that’s treated as some weird reversal. This is a very racist notion in itself.

So american conservatives managed to invent a racist term with the word “racist” already in it. Fascinating.

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