Defying Defying Gravity

In an earlier post I compared the Sci-Fi-Series Defying Gravity and Virtuality to each other. In short, while there were lots of similarities, I really liked Virtuality better. The pilot make me curious about what comes next (we’ll never know). With Defying Gravity, it’s more a train-wreck type situation. I can’t look away. What makes it especially gruesome is that I really love science fiction! But this series is definitely not about science (although it features a group of scientists on a scientific mission), and the fiction part is pretty much “What would happen if we put a group of juvenile, self-absorbed and increasingly psychotic idiots in a spaceship? Oh, and there is some kind of brain-controlling alien.”, with no actual depth whatsoever. It’s almost funny seeing the “immature nerd” character get scolded for acting like a child – by characters who by no means should be the ones casting the first stone.

Now the latest episode showed almost all the astronauts being immobilized by alien-induced hallucinations. It was (probably unintentionally) hilarious. And not just that, it took some time away from the stupid drama! If this persists in the next episodes, I’ll finally have an excuse for watching this show other than to have something to criticize or to act smug about. Who knows, maybe from now on everybody just runs around the ship, seeing completely different things than the other crew-members, making the spaceship look like an interplanetary loony bin. Now that’s entertainment.


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