Trains don’t exist

February 9, 2010

Every time some new way A of doing things comes around, I have to listen to¬† / read stuff like “A may be a nice idea, but it also needs B and we have almost no B, therefore we should quickly forget about A”. Sounds sensible, but unfortunately people also apply that if A and B basically come in a package and advancing the popularity / availability of one also pushes forward the other.


  • HDTV and HD content
  • 3DTV and 3D content
  • Electric cars and gas stations with power outlets
  • Hydrogen cars and gas stations with hydrogen
  • Multi-core processors and multi-threaded applications

There is a ton of arguments like this against the technologies above – completely oblivious to the fact that though the availability of part A and B stifle progress for a while, there is a kind of “critical mass” to be reached. And then that technology will take off.

If it wasn’t like that, we’d have no trains.